Business Architecture

We utilize Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas methodology to capture the essence of the customer value our solutions are striving to achieve. The quick, easy and interactive discussion with the business owners helps to start with the most comprehensive business requirements, which will drive the architecture and design decisions.


Creation of something from a blank sheet of paper is a rarity. Most likely there is a readily available framework, a proven design pattern, open and available data service that will allow us to produce the solution faster, cheaper, and almost always with the top notch quality. The solution will definitely be innovative, but the components may be reused, repurposed and enhanced.


What is the real business value of your data? Are you able to create a sustainable competitive advantage? Analytics provides that level of service. Visualize your information, learn from it, ask questions and discover anomalies, predict the future and become more proactive with the help of contemporary analytical tools and techniques.

Rapid Prototyping

Going from idea to a prototype that can be vetted among the internal stakeholders, investors, prospects and customers is the pinnacle of the Lean methodology. Transforming the white board brainstorming into a demonstration, ask the customers to try and provide feedback, conduct a social network focus group is the reason we work with our customers on rapid prototypes.

Mentorship and Training

How does a firm create a visionary, vibrant, and productive team environment? By mentoring future employees while they are learning the craft. We work with students of a number of colleges on time-boxed, futuristic products. We challenge them to come up with new ideas, new business models, to generate disruptors of the status quo. Let us help you and your future employees reach the maximum creative potential.